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Window Cleaning Burton on Trent

All-In Cleaning Solutions will provide you with professional window cleaning services in the whole area of Burton on Trent.

With our expertise and professionalism, we will get the best cleaning solution for all your windows, frames, sills and doors as a standard for our window cleaning service.

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Not just a regular window cleaning

  • Our service includes cleaning all UPVC window frames, sills, doors and glass as a standard
  • Using only 100% pure water to clean your windows will leave no streaks or marks after they dry
  • We provide 24 hours guarantee after we leave your premises for all our work

How do we clean windows?

Exterior window cleaning – we use the latest water fed pole method for cleaning the exterior of your windows. This method is proven to be safer and more efficient as no ladders are used and all nooks and crannies can be cleaned out.

Interior window cleaning – if you require interior window cleaning, windows from the inside are cleaned by using a squeegee, cleaning solution and cloths. This method is called traditional window cleaning.

Window Cleaning FAQ

We use water fed pole method (extension poles with brush and pure water) for the exterior of your windows and the traditional method for cleaning from the inside (squeegee, cleaning solution and cloth)

With modern times comes modern equipment. If done correctly, the water fed pole method is more efficient, safer and can clean windows better.

Our minimum charge for window cleaning is £10. This would cover standard semi-detached or terraced house with 4 top windows 2 bottom windows and front and rear doors. If a conservatory is included you can add £5 for a small and £10 for a bigger size conservatory. As you can imagine, the bigger the property and more windows, the more expensive window cleaning will be.

We clean all windows, frames, sills and doors every time.

A first-time window cleaning surcharge may be applicable if windows are neglected and more time is required to bring them back to standard and easy maintenance. You will be informed about this after the windows are inspected.

By the nature of using the water fed pole method to clean your windows, they are always left wet after we leave. As we are using only 100% pure water, when they dry they will be clean and clear and no marks will be visible. 

We offer two options. Monthly or bi-monthly (every 2 months). Monthly cleaning is always recommended as it is easier to maintain them and keep them clean.

For the first clean where heavy soil and neglect is present, window cleaning will take minimum of 45-60 minutes in order to bring them back to standard. Regular maintenance cleaning for windows in good and reasonable condition takes about 15-20 minutes.