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UPVC Restoration

After cleaning UPVC window frames, sills and doors we are able to remove most of the heavy stains, greyness, rubber marks and many more.

UPVC Restoration is the second step of window cleaning service and results are more than great.

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Why to restore UPVC?​

  • UPVC Restoration is at a fraction of the cost of replacing them
  • All your UPVC window frames, sills and doors can be brought back to their original white colour and they will look like new

How we do it?

After we clean all your windows, frames, sills and doors as a standard for our window cleaning service, we will use the specialised product for removing all heavy stains, discolouration, marks, scratches and many more.

This is the second step that can be requested from the customers after our window cleaning service and it provides great results and an amazing look for all your UPVC surfaces.

UPVC Restoration​ FAQ

UPVC restoration is the process of bringing back true white colour of your window frames, sills or doors. Sometimes, only cleaning these surfaces is not enough, so a second step is required. A specialised product is required to be used in order to remove all greyness or unwanted stains. Find out more here.

Restoration of each single window frame cost £5 including sills. Every single window frame will add £5.

Restoration of standard size front or rear UPVC door cost £50.

Easiest to answer this question is cost-efficiency. If windows and doors are in good condition and you are willing to bring them back to life and make them look nice and white again, UPVC restoration is cheaper than replacement of the same.

The actual restoration requires a lot more time than cleaning itself and for that reason, the additional cost is added to the window cleaning service.

Great question and in most cases UPVC restoration needs to be done only once. In some instances, new marks can happen on your UPVC surfaces. If you are our regular window cleaning customer, and we see new marks on your UPVC surfaces, we will remove them at no cost.