Pressure Washing Services

We are proud of every job that we do for our customers. Our Pressure Washing Services can make a huge difference and make your property look completely different.

Our work will remove years of grime, moss, black spots, stains, rust and many more that can occur due to neglect or lack of maintenance and we will not leave until we are happy with the results.

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Benefits of pressure washing

  • One of the biggest benefits of cleaning your driveway, patio or any other type of surface is appearance improvement of the property
  • Removal of stains, grime, moss, black spots (lichens), rust and heavy stains
  • Cleaning hard surfaces can prevent accidents and injuries. One example is a combination of moss and rain which can make the surface slippery and dangerous

3 easy steps of a driveway or patio cleaning

Clean – We clean any surface from moss, grass, dirt and all the stains that can be removed in the pressure washing process.

Treat – In some cases, pressure washing cannot remove everything from the surface. In that case, we will carry out surface treatment using special chemicals for each job.

Finish – After pressure washing and treating the surface we will do the final stage depending on the type of surface and finishing step requirements. Some finishing steps can be re-sanding, sealing, or even painting which can be done to tarmac surfaces.

Types of surfaces we clean

block paver surfaces
Block Pavers
concrete surface
natural stone patio
Natural Stone (limestone, indian sandstone)
black tarmac surface

Why choose our pressure washing services

Re-Sanding of Block Paving

Replacing washed-out sand is important to keep your block paving in the right place. We include re-sanding in our price and it is a standard process for block paving cleaning that we offer.

Surface Treatment

Our experience showed us that pressure washing can’t remove every stubborn stain. We will make sure to treat your surface with the right product and make your patio or driveway look new.

Black Spot Removal

Black spots (lichens) are algae and fungus combined in one and they form a new living organism. They are stubborn to remove but we can take care of that.

Weed and Moss Removal

Throughout pressure washing, weed gets completely wiped out and if required we will use adequate biocide to keep it that way for a longer period of time.

Surface Sealing

If you are looking for additional protection of the surface by sealing it all you need is to let us know. We will find best suitable product for sealing of your surface.

We take pride in our work. By using the best equipment and products for jet washing and treating the surfaces, we can achieve amazing results. We can witness pure transformation together. All-In Cleaning Solutions Provide you with carefully tailored cleaning process in order to meet your expectations. Get in touch now and get your FREE Jet Washing quote.

Pressure Washing FAQ

Our minimum charge is £120. This is approximately the size of a single-car driveway, average small garden patio or any surface area up to 30m².

We use a high-end industrial pressure washer with strong cleaning capabilities combined with different attachments for the most efficient and effective cleaning. Find out more about our pressure washing service here.

Re-sanding is included in the price every time. Replacing the sand is always required and is a must in order to keep all bricks in place and extend the brick pavement life and keep it in order.

We do offer this service as well. You will have to inform us and let us know that you would like it to be done after cleaning. Each type of surface requires a different sealant therefore we will have to be prepared and get the right product for your surface.

On average, every job will last a minimum of 2 hours. This mainly depends on the size of the surface that needs to be cleaned and the level of dirtiness of the same.

In that case, we will not be able to clean your driveway. We have seen many of these cases and the simple solution is to ask your neighbour if they would be kind and allow you to use their outdoor tap and allow us to do required work.

All-In Cleaning Solutions is not a company that will fulfil this request. There are many companies with many different prices and which are cheaper than us but with our knowledge, quality of work and guarantee we are proud of our work and that is a compensation for our higher prices.

We use chemicals only when they are completely necessary in order to remove some stubborn stains or some hard to remove black spots or mould in order to get the perfect results.

Our goal is to provide complete satisfaction to all our customers. After pressure washing, we will clean up all the gunk, grass and dirt. If some of the dirt got into your narrow and shallow drainage we will remove it. In some cases, we will even clean your most affected windows that got splashed water and dirt on them.

Please make the area that requires cleaning clear of any planting pots, cars or obstacles that could be in the way. After that, you can sit and enjoy the results you will notice.

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